The Bane’s Gambit

By Lopp Jay, 131
**This is an open kind of story regarding Bane dolls being used in a chess game. Feel free to write your own part to add to the whole and share your feelings with the rest of us**

The Bane’s Gambit

She awoke with a jump, a reflex caused by her recovery. The room seemed to be spinning, although only black pastels faded and danced in front of her, all caused by the blackness of her double layered inflated hood. The throb in her temples and pulsation’s in her body reminded her that she had orgasmed and made her wonder how long she had been locked in the staggering sequence of progressive orgasmic tiers, each one being broached and eclipsed before the one that held her had peaked! The familiar ache of exhaustion and the giddy feel of falling up and down at the same time in her middle brought her fully back to the reality of what had happened. Once more the latexdoll’s mistress had used the intoxication of bliss to reset her sense of time and add a perpetuity of timelessness to her entrapment, something she had never even considered possible before entering her banishment program and the resulting abduction. Feeling her body fully now, she stretched and attempted movement, but again the reality of her bondage was exposed. The slight movement of her limbs hinted at freedom but after several degrees of movement her limbs are pulled back to the place they were, frustrating the small rise of hope that made her electric with anticipation. The giddy feeling in her middle returned as she is forced to admit that she is again where her mistress desires, stretched wide on the flexible rack that held her, making her wish she were back with the other Banes in their calm and more peaceful lives.

The cool air on her nipples startled her from her longings, making her arch back as the flaps covering them were unsealed. Cringing with anticipation the dread of the needles plunging in again melded with the elation of the hope of being milked to relieve the pressure and persistent tug of her huge titties that burdened her every breath and strained her body from her toes up to the nape of her neck! Instead of the relief of the suction cups the wronging of her form rang true in the muffled scream when she was impaled once more! In spite of her titties throbbing and being so overly expanded with excess milk, she is injected with the fluids that spreads through her like the most insidious drug, provoking her need to be milked and desire to be suckled! The surge of heat spreads through her nipples and grows like a wildfire as more and more of her flesh is affected by a certain alien’s goo that weighed ten times what any fluid should weigh and had a sickening jasmine-like smell, making her break out in a cold sweat and feel like she is going to throw up and orgasm at the same time! Split seconds expand into minutes as a second device of her mistress to offset her sense of day and night is used, usurping all her mental focus and drawing it to her heated throbbing titties! Her latex coating served as both protection and support as the thick rubber held her body tight, keeping her breasts firm against her chest in a wombic embrace that was inescapable and protective in that it shielded her hypersensitive orbs from overstimulation!

The condition of her banishment was an long term one and not an agreement for medical experimentation, and she could only guess at what was being forced into her body and what use her milk would provide. She hoped on many occasions that a solution for others needs was one of the uses while at the same time she knew that it could be used for other things as well, unwanted things being done with her body’s very essence. The searing heat from the overproduction of milk was beginning again and she screamed out in protest as the fattening orbs became intolerably hot within her latex sheathe. Because of the staggering level of syntheses of breast tissue, milk ducts, and the support system of circulation needed to facilitate her artificially enhanced ability to produce milk, the temperature spiked in proportion to the otherworldly goo injected into her, radiating through her body as  they became literal heaters and warmed her well past all measure of comfort! Just as she felt she wold pass out from the spike in heat and feel of her breasts flesh expanding, the cool water circulating inside of her catsuit brought a welcome reprieve from the terror of perishing because of her own titties overwhelming her body with the unnatural expansion of her abilities and ‘titflesh’ as she had discerned in a groggy stupor some time in the past. As her body cooled the endorphans took over to force her into the giddy state once more, reducing her to the living source milk that was her only purpose, a feeling that hovered in the back of her thoughts and would bite her at times of weakness, much like a greased snake trapped inside of her Bane suit with her.

Exhausted and intoxicated by the sexual coma that had held her unconscious for a number of hours, she was now docile and incapable of retaliation, safe enough to be used for a different purpose, a task for the slave by the mistress. The hissing air of her hood was barely noticed as the swelling orbs  saturated all her thoughts, augmented by the giddy afterglow. Mercifully the cover was left on her eyes but a brighter shade of pastels was seen as the hood was removed, leaving her beautiful face and near perfect features exposed for all to see. Her gag is deflated and removed, a trail of spittle following the device as its sent to be cleaned while another device is placed in her mouth. tubes go deep into her nose  then the peculiar feel of the doggy mask  on her face is followed by the chuff-chuff of a hand inflater, making the nasal tubes expand and seal in her nostrils and the thick rubber distort her jaws as  it poofs them out and lodges tight behind her teeth! As her throat is opened and jaw held down she becomes as she is intended, her mistress’ puppy girl
and pet to be milked, whether on whim or desire of her mistress.

More and more of her latex is peeled away from her body, exposing her to the much cooler air, making her flesh goosebump  because of the temperature difference! The loss of her protective womb accents the sudden weight of her breasts as they balloon with milk, body working with all its vigor to produce the milk demanded by the fluid injected into her! Feeling the earth spin around her, her heavy bare titties are made to hang pendulously below her as she is rolled over and placed face down, titties barely slipping through the custom molded harness that supports her. The attaching of the adhesive pads to her throbbing nipples brought a hint of relief as  the feel of the suction cups and hoses dangling from them momentarily makes it clear, she is to provide a novel drink for others, as had happened in the past, but this time the fullness in her titties told her there would be many supping from her bounty, a thought that staggered her and made her arousal suddenly loom out of the blinding white bliss of afterglow.

A misting is felt as a protective coating is sprayed on her back then over the balance of her body, effectively sealing her to the custom frame and ensuring her restraint, even though the size and weight of her titties alone would deny her the ability to stand, much less pull her swelling orbs up and out of the harness that matches her perfectly. Knowing it will be many days before her titties return to normal she is again reminded of her abduction from the Banes dolls for enslavement and use by the one that retains control over her.

In the bliss clouded mind of the pet girl the word caterer is heard as she suddenly realizes what is to be done with her, and the feel of garnish and flora, along with the smell of the fruits and vegetables is discerned. As she gets a mental image of herself  she squirms, reminded once more of the hidden catheters
in her plumped supple ass and bladder as their movements against her skin are rediscovered. A tube is affixed to the muzzle of her gag and her head drawn back so that her chin rests on a fixed platform, exposing her to the view of the ones that will be fondling her and picking foodstuffs from her bared form. Doggy gloves are slipped over hands and feet then again the chuff-chuff of the individual  bulbs forces them to expand  and seal her limbs, ensuring her hands and feet are mere stubs, and a furtherance of her incapacitation.

As she is raised to an all fours posture the feel of devices penetrating ass and vagi leaves no doubt as to what is happening, and the faux canine limbs strapped tightly to arms and legs hides the human limbs of the doggy girl. The feel of her huge titties being pulled through the openings of the harness that held her makes her scream into the gag, and  because of the hypersensitivity of her body she becomes so much more vulnerable to a simple caress  and fondling, capable of bringing her to bliss if done long enough, as well as pain if overdone, the subtle difference being a small difference in pressure an duration. Straps of some sort goes around her titties then across her back, then an inflater bulb is attached to either side and left to dangle at the side of her titties, making her moan within her doggy mask. She had felt them before, bands to tighten around the base of her breasts and make them swell even bigger, functioning similar to a stuck ring making ones finger swell and grow more intense! As her eyes adjust to the light she begins to see  that blinders  have been placed on her in the form of a doggy hood, her sight narrowed to the upper portion of her amazingly massive titties and making her wonder just how big they have gotten and how large they will become!  What was she becoming and why did it have such a peculiar appeal to her when all she wanted was to be back in the quiet waters of the Banes existence, to serve her time and be freed?

The whole structure supporting her is lifted and she is carried by 4 massive males, clad in togas and chastity devices, and matching gags and hoods, shiny chrome glinting and complementing the white togas perfectly. Mentally she is staggered as every step makes her titties bob and sway, gently bumping against he sides of the faux doggy frame and surrounded by the spectrum of foods and tasty treats. As she is jostled she catches a glimpse of the arena and is shocked to see so many, and the cheering is heard in spite of the doggy hood sealing her head in and completing her  canine look. A few steps more and she catches sight of something that staggers her, beautiful girls sealed in white latex and looking as if there were chess pieces, girls in Banes hoods but in white! The wronging of her sisters stirs a rage within her that soon fades because of her being so giddy with exhaustion and pleasure, and as her adrenal surge lapses a measure of guilt is felt as she knows that it wont be long before some or many of them are forced into the situation she is in or worse!

The momentary glimpse of the other banes converted into chess pieces makes her cringe at all that is occurring, a Bane chess match that is to happen while she is used as a milk vending device and subject of torment or pleasure, depending on the nature of any and all that would wish to take advantage of her helplessness! After being placed in a central location on one side of the game field the announcers voice rings clear and true in her thoughts, the words revealing the horror and depth of angst she was living every moment of every day now! All of the Banes on the field were long term and willing to gamble liberation or complete bondage as a latexdoll in the hopes of egress fro their extended banishment, none aware that it was a ploy and plot by rogue liberators that had changed from rescuers of the Banes to those with motives other than pure! The ultimate game of chess, the Bane’s Gambit!

An electric motor hummed as the suction on her nipples drew them deep into the cups, extracting her milk and dispensing it into a glass. Feeling her middle cringe with the arousing provocation she clamps tight the devices in ass and loins and the slow wagging of a long doggy tail begins, each cycle making the loose phallics  flop from one side to the other inside of her! Just as the rousing feel of titties and ass and the phallic in her vagina combines to drive her up the hill towards bliss the crowd shouts in applause as the first move of the game is begun!

The queens gambit opening takes on a whole new meaning as the devices within all of the chess pieces come to life, each side feeling pleasure or pain as one side or the other captures pieces. An unexpected jarring by a huge attendee tilts her hood just enough for her to see a pawn in her normal sitting posture atop her pawn seat as she is captured. Instantly her body becomes a ballooned  caricature of her lithe beauty as the suit inflates and stretches her into a spread eagle posture, then a pony girl trots over with her mistress in tow behind her in  her seat. The captured piece is snared and dragged onto the cart then spirited away to an unseen owner and the play resumes as the crowd again applauds. A steady pressure against the side of her head and a familiar scent signals the nearness of her mistress, no doubt her being the one allowing her to see the capture of the banepawn, something to frustrate her and reinforce her entrapment.

The prod stops and her head resumes its forward gaze as the hum of the milk pump is felt and heard, swollen nipples dispensing their  living contents for the sake of an unseen drinker. The distinct smell of her mistress arousal melds with the chuff-chuffing of the band against her right titty, making it swell and tighten until it throbs distinctly. Likewise the left band is inflated, tightening around her other  breast to frustrate the circulation and make them even more sensitive, raising the stimulation to the gray area where pain can masquerade as pleasure and pleasure pain. A fondling of her bloated labia  brings a familiar pattern to mind, no doubt her mistress checking her heat to gauge her arousal and circulation too, much like a prize canine would be check, further reducing her ego to servitude.

Time once again fades into the giddy feel in her middle, like falling both up and down in a bottomless abyss as she wonders if she will ever be a bane again. Her ponderings are again interrupted as  her titties are fondled harshly, making the endorphans flood from her system into her body and intoxicating her more to offset the peak of pain as well as erode her will and make her more dependent on being milked and suckled, something her body was designed for from birth.

Its going to be a long session again, time suspended for her now, and nothing she can do can change that, for she and others that won their freedom still fall prey to the Bane’s gambit.


(***NOTE*** all the things in this story are fiction and in no way are to be immitated or tried in reality. Leave the roleplay here in Second Life where it cannot physically harm anyone and embrace reality for what it is.)

(C) Lopp Jay and The LatexDolls


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