Our new home

It has been some time since I announced the Latex Dolls are alive again. A lot has happend. But we are really alive again and prosper :). We finally have our new home set up and ready for all the fun to come. It is huge.

Latex Doll Station 1

But as always with a new home there comes the problem how to decorate it, what new furniture one needs. We are spacey dolls, actually always were. And a lot of high tech is involved. But look for yourself. Everybody needs a recharge every now and then *smiles*.

Latex Doll Station 2

Thanks to one old sister we have a nice collection of implantation, transformation and all kind of medical experimentation tools and machines. And we’re going to use them. It’s nothing for the weak hearted :).
Latex Doll Station 3

But what is most important is the sisterhood. Be together and share our common kinks and weird ideas :). We now have a nice place to gather together and all old and new sisters are welcome to join. Be it for some small talk or some nice roleplay.

Latex Doll Station 4

Applications to become a Latex Doll are open again. Pop in, have a chat, grab an application form and perhaps you get a chance to be interviewed. That’s all about our fetishes, our kinks we have, and that means it is to have fun and a good time. Not drama. We can do better than others in the past *smile*

Our home is in Stanlee and we are part of Bedroom Bound. Would be great to see one or the other of you there!

Boy – M1


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