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Our new home

It has been some time since I announced the Latex Dolls are alive again. A lot has happend. But we are really alive again and prosper :). We finally have our new home set up and ready for all the fun to come. It is huge.

Latex Doll Station 1

But as always with a new home there comes the problem how to decorate it, what new furniture one needs. We are spacey dolls, actually always were. And a lot of high tech is involved. But look for yourself. Everybody needs a recharge every now and then *smiles*.

Latex Doll Station 2

Thanks to one old sister we have a nice collection of implantation, transformation and all kind of medical experimentation tools and machines. And we’re going to use them. It’s nothing for the weak hearted :).
Latex Doll Station 3

But what is most important is the sisterhood. Be together and share our common kinks and weird ideas :). We now have a nice place to gather together and all old and new sisters are welcome to join. Be it for some small talk or some nice roleplay.

Latex Doll Station 4

Applications to become a Latex Doll are open again. Pop in, have a chat, grab an application form and perhaps you get a chance to be interviewed. That’s all about our fetishes, our kinks we have, and that means it is to have fun and a good time. Not drama. We can do better than others in the past *smile*

Our home is in Stanlee and we are part of Bedroom Bound. Would be great to see one or the other of you there!

Boy – M1


The Bane’s Gambit

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The Latex Dolls are alive again!

The Latex Dolls have a long history and heritage in the virtual world of SecondLife. Many things have changed since the early days. And many sisters decided on a different way for themselves.

I’m proud to announce the revival of the LatexDolls. A long history. A fresh start. A future ahead.

It was a lot of work. And it is by far not done. But I’m excited and I hope you all are too. This group has one simple intention, to create a new home for all sisters, old ones, new ones, lost ones to unite together. To get something of the old magic back. We also accept the first time ever males in our sisterhood.

I reworked a lot of old rules, to eliminate potential drama, and to give us a better, flat structure. To enjoy to be a sister again.

Come and take a look, our home is located at Bedroom Bound – Home of the Latex Dolls, Stanlee (213, 198, 38).

Luv, Boy – M1

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